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About Us

About Us

"Phenix from the fire"

To be born from the internal flame that resides in all of us.

Fire Phenix Yoga provides services to help guide you in your own personal practice and journey.

Yoga by the Ocean
What We Offer

What We Offer

Child's Pose
Mindful Flow/Yin Class
Kirtan & Sound Immersion Event
Yoga Mat and Straps
Private Classes
Life Coaching
Yoga Nidra
Vibrational Healing/Energy Balancing
Who We Are

Meet Ian

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I have been practicing and exploring the history and philosophy of assorted styles of yoga under the direction of current teachers. Much of what I learned over the years has developed into a very organic approach to teaching. A teacher of yoga, but always a student. I believe the teaching of yoga is universal. I continue to seek guidance from my instructors, I learn from watching my students in class, I even learn from watching my own body. I believe that teaching and learning have no boundaries. This is yoga.

Upcoming Events

Gong Yoga Nidra

Dec 12th - 5:45pm @ Mello Yoga

Yoga nidra and the gong vibrations initiative a deep relaxation response and balance. 

Reserve your spot @

Sound Bath

Dec 18th - 10:00am   @ Lifetime Fitness - La Jolla

Visit Lifetime Fitness - La Jolla for membership and class details

Sound Healing Workshop

Dec 12th - 5:45pm @ Mello Yoga

TBD - Stay tuned for details

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Upcoming Events
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