Born in Cadiz, Spain and raised there for a short-time. Soon after my family moved to Southern California and eventually to San Diego where I currently reside. A beautiful city that provides plenty of sunshine year around, surrounding nature, and the most amazing beaches and surf.

After being diagnosed with late onset Type 1 diabetes in 2012, I was seeking a form of low-impact exercise, as advised from my doctor to help control my blood sugars. I was introduced to yoga and immediately recognized the powerful healing effects of Yoga and have been captivated ever since.​

I received my 200-hour Teacher Training certification, along with my 500-hour certification from Yandara Yoga Institute, in Baja, Mexico and exploring the ongoing education they offer through their organization. From here I was truly reborn from the instructors at Yandara. “Phoenix from the fire”, as quoted from one of my instructors at the end of my final class. Thus the inspiration behind Fire Phenix Yoga. ​

In the last few years I have explored the teachings of sound healing and vibrational medicine. It is such an honor to take all my experiences and knowledge to share and offer sound  baths and healing.

I hope to be able to guide you in your own personal practice and journey.



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Image by Jared Rice

My Thoughts on Yoga

Yoga to me is an ever-changing answer that I am still finding out. Yoga is something that I misunderstood for years and now realize the amazing benefits and all it has to offer. Yoga has helped me understand my body and mind and the relationship between the two. Yoga has offered me a greater insight of myself and what I am capable of, internally and externally. It has also offered me a space from daily noise that surrounds me and is sometimes overwhelming.

Yoga has taught me patience, not only with everyone I interact with, but with myself. The practice of yoga is one of the things that I have experienced that I understand takes much time and dedication to learn and understand. Yoga has also taught me my strength and weakness. Understanding and respecting the balance between my body, mind and spirit.

As a teacher of yoga, I feel the most important quality a yoga teacher should have is “nurturing”. Like any great teacher, they should possess a great amount of nurturing to support and encourage growth and development of whatever it is they teach.